International cash management and trade finance expertise at your fingertips

The new BNP Paribas Atlas, in both iPad and online editions, offers convenient, in-depth information on Cash Management and Trade Finance across 50 countries worldwide.

The Atlas provides comprehensive information on each country, including:

  • Economic summaries
  • Permitted cash management techniques
  • Payment and collection instruments and systems
  • International trade and trade finance requirements
  • Tax, regulatory and market environment

Information on each country is supported with a glossary of cash management and trade finance terms and user tools such as the ability to navigate, search and bookmark selected information. The Atlas also features a series of customer illustrations and insights into cross-border cash, liquidity and trade finance solutions.

The light version of the Atlas is available to all users while the full version, which provides enriched content, can be accessed using an activation code obtained from BNP Paribas at

To download the Atlas on an iPad, search the App Store for "BNP Paribas Atlas" or click here to download (if viewing this page on an iPad).

The key cash management content can also be accessed on