What BNP Paribas can mean for you

SEPA footprint
Largest European and domestic footprint within SEPA European countries

Initiate and receive SEPA transactions in 20 SEPA countries:

Euro CountriesNon-Euro Countries
BelgiumCzech Republic
SpainUnited Kingdom
Delivering global solutions while also handling individual market specifics

Benefit from the richness of SEPA

Get access to all local specific products and practices, additional optional services, pre-financed SDDs and local clearing facilities.

Large format and reporting offer for a seamless implementation

Implement your SEPA flows with minimal technical constraints

  • One global format implementation, using our harmonised formats for initiation and reporting
  • Perform all your European cash management activities from one single channel with host-to-host, or using Connexis, our global online channel.
  • If required by your local subsidiaries, all local XML variants, local reporting formats and domestic channels can be used too.
Fully equipped for processing high volumes

BNP Paribas is one of the largest SEPA processing banks, processing more than 2 billion transactions each year on its centralised in-house systems. This guarantees:

  • Secure and fast processing of remittances of any size
  • Efficient cut-off times, even for very large remittances
Proven experience in migrating clients all over Europe

Our experience allows us to provide invaluable advisory for your implementation project, in the form of guides, best practices and implementation teams. We also support you throughout your company lifecycle, by helping you get the most from SEPA, and providing answers to all the challenges that arise with the evolution of your company.

The BNP Paribas
SEPA Offer

SEPA Credit Transfer

  • The full SCT offering, already mature thanks to its extensive use across Europe
  • Initiation and reception possible from Euro and non-Euro accounts
  • Initiation by using harmonised XML guidelines (CGI and EPC compliant) or local XML guidelines (for example CBI in Italy, and DK in Germany). MT101 is also supported for unitary transactions.

Two levels of service are supported for SCT initiation:

  • Standard: following the market practice of the country of initiation
  • Same day: credited to the beneficiary's bank on the same day, ensuring faster transfer and no-float processing

SEPA Direct Debit

  • The full SDD offering, from Euro accounts, as both debtor and creditor
  • Initiation by using harmonised XML guidelines (CGI and EPC compliant) or local XML guidelines (for example CBI in Italy and DK in Germany).
  • Attractive cut-off times, allowing transmission until the clearing day even for large remittances
  • Use of local clearing and interbank services bringing value-added (for example SEDA in Italy, SIBS in Portugal, and Iberpay in Spain).
  • Support for all local booking and reporting practices

Both SDD schemes are fully covered in our offering:

  • Core/Cor1: SDD Scheme for both business-to-customer and business-to-business transactions. Possibility of using Cor1 in the relevant countries (Spain, Germany and Austria)
  • B2B: SDD Scheme for business-to-business transactions, waiving the right to refunds for the debtor

Value Added Services

SEPA implementationSEPA implementationSEPA implementation
ImplementationProcessingEntreprise Lifecycle
File-testing services:
you can validate your XML files and receive error reports in real time

Implementation guides:
everything you need to know for efficient SCT processing and SDD collections

Implementation support:
Our experts at your disposal for systems to be put in place smoothly.
Evolutive offer:
BNP Paribas is constantly investing in its systems to offer useful and innovative additional optional services.

SDD Reports:
Receive reports on your SDD R-transactions, and advice on how to improve your collections to enhance return rate.
Cash Management advisory:
Consequent to your SDD mandates aligning with a centralised account for all your SEPA payments, BNP Paribas helps you with any changes that may be needed in your enterprise structure and operational models.